We Met with our Visitors at the EMO2023 Hannover Fair!



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We Met with our Visitors at the EMO2023 Hannover Fair!

September 18-23, 2023 We met with our visitors at the Emo2023 exhibition, which was held in Hannover, Germany, bringing together machine manufacturers and users from all over the world. Dec.18-23, 2023. At the fair, where we exhibited all our sliding vending machine models, our machines with high technology and precision were greatly appreciated.

Our Van MR20 V7+ B model, which we exhibited for the first time at the Emo2023 exhibition, attracted the attention of visitors as well as machine manufacturers. Our visitors were pleased that our Mr20 V7+ B model, which has a user-friendly operator panel that further reduces part processing times with the B Axis feature, which has also been added to the superior capabilities of our MR20 V7 model, has been put into mass production.

Citizen Machinery Co., who paid a kind visit to our booth during the exhibition. Ltd. Chairman Mr. Keichi Nakajima closely examined the Van SLIDING VENDING MACHINES equipped with the latest technological products. During the visit, our CEO Mr. Fatih Van approached him and gave him detailed information about our products. Mr. Nakajima concluded his visit by conveying that he was very impressed with our products and that he thinks the VAN Brand will become a very serious player in the global Sunday in the future.

In addition, Star Micronics Co., one of the leading manufacturers of sliding vending machines in Japan., co. Sales director Mr. Takuji Uchiyama and Mr. Director of product development. They visited our Tetsu Kawarasaki booth and examined our products with high precision and technology. During these visits, Van Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO muz Sn. Fatih Van accompanied them and answered their questions with satisfaction. Van showed the superior sides of the machine compared to its competitors and the positive reflections of these superior features on end users with examples. Sec. Takuji Uchiyama stated that he was very impressed with our products, very surprised that we have produced such a wide and high-quality product range in such a short time and that he has great respect.

Fanuc Senior Officials President &CEO Dr., who is our solution partner and partner. Kiyonori Inaba, President & CEO Kenji Yamaguchi, President &CEO Marco Ghirardello, General Manager Hiroshi Noda, Turkey General Manager Teoman Alper Yigit and European Sales Coordinator and Turkey FA Division Manager E. Çağtay Güle Dec was among those who visited our stand.

Maiden tower keychains embroidered by Van Sliding Vending Machines with high technology and precision were presented to users at the Emo2023 exhibition, where they were performed in live parts processing.

We would like to thank all our visitors who showed interest in our stand, which was visited by many industrialists and users from around the world..