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About VAN

VAN Machine, by following the innovations and technologies in the world, provides services in sliding automat production, sales, service and training in Turkey.

VAN Machine managers (Swiss Type Automatic Lathe) since 2006;

By gaining experience in positions such as service, sales, sales management and country representation, he had the chance to learn both the needs of the country's industrialists and the production methods and methods of imported products.

By blending this experience with the technology move principle in which Turkey is also involved, it has decided to manufacture high technology and high precision machines in Turkey, of which it is an expert.

With this decision, they gathered the expert and experienced technical team in Turkey under one roof and formed the VAN Precision Engineering brand.

Its goal is to make our country proud by entering the top 3 most preferred sliding vending machine brands in the world within 5 years and showing that Turkey is a strong player in the world in the production of high-tech machines.

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